March 10, 2011

A closed book

I've given up the Book. Cold Turkey. Well if the truth be told, I did have a look over the husband's shoulder a few nights ago, but I am no longer participating in Facebook.

The Book was starting to trouble me. Had Facebook changed? Or had I?

Don't get me wrong, I had no problem with others knowing my business, it was other peoples business that was making me uncomfortable.

I was "friends" with teenage children of friends. Children who should not be having sex, much less posting details of it on Facebook. Children who are too young to be using the C word that rhymes stunt. Children who most definitely shouldn't be talking about the "gear" they're lining up for the weekend’s party.

Ultrasound pictures of foetuses. Perhaps it's because I am not a mother that I don't understand why anyone would post an ultrasound picture of their developing foetus on Facebook. To me there are some things that are deeply personal and for me my womb is one of them.

People are a lot ballsier, or perhaps just a lot ruder on Facey. I found that some people were writing things that they wouldn't dream of saying to my face.

In the beginning I adored Facebook. It quenched my insatiable desire to know everything that was going on in everyone's world. The Book also helped me reconnect with some old mates. But over time I realised there are reasons why they're "old" mates. (Not to be confused with mates I've had for a long time!)

Since bushing the Book, my productivity has soared in the office and at home. I have had far more, what I like to call "voice-on-voice" conversations with gorgeous friends and perhaps most telling of all I have stopped thinking in status updates.

It's been delightful to hear fabulous news on the old fashioned "grape-vine" and it's a lot easier to take unpleasant news when someone tells you to your face rather than accidentally stumbling over it on the Book.

I'm not the first to give up Facey and I will not be the last. And it may not be a permanent move. But at this point in time, I am happy not knowing what you cooked for dinner.

And I'll bet you're just as happy not knowing that I bought yet another pair of boots.


  1. Hmmm am quite interested to see the boots actually... :)

    Yes Facebook.

    I have a love/hate relationship with it and have given it up and started up again more times than I care to remember.

    It's a bit like giving up smoking I suspect.

  2. And I will miss you. I loved your posts. You were often so very funny and my favourite was definitely the sheep. I also loved seeing your wedding photos, so thanks for not bowing out before your nuptials as it was so exciting to see it!
    That said, I decided I'd give it up for Lent. Then forgot. when I'm most ill at ease is when it strays from light hearted status updates and interesting sharing of news to people ranting about nameless, faceless others they have a gripe with. This ends up saying more about the author than the perpertrator of whatever crime and is too dull.
    so, instead, I'll have a gander at your beautiful boab page on occasion, Kate. Well worth my time.
    Elise B (formerly Karrachi, now moved up in the world to Port).